They wrote for Montero, the transfer target of Beşiktaş! ‘Approved by the club’ BJK s …

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It was claimed that Beşiktaş, who won the last 3 matches in the Super League and became a partner in the race for the summit again, wanted to entrust his castle to an experienced name.

Black-whites, young gloves Ersin Destanoğlu and Utku Yuvakuran thought that they could not take the stress of the championship race and turned their route to their old favorite Montero.

Gloves in the national news media wrote about Colombia share the latest information on the subject was whether to transfer to Turkey … So Montero, is coming to Besiktas? Here are the details …

According to the information reported by Futbolete, Beşiktaş made an official transfer offer to Montero during the summer transfer season (about 6 months ago), but later withdrew this offer due to financial problems.

It was noted that while the route returned to Montero in black and white, the official offer had not yet been delivered to Montero’s club. On the other hand, it was stated that new contract initiatives will start for the player whose contract with the club will expire in 2021.

However, while it was noted that there was interest in Montero from Europe, it was written that the transfer to the club, which gave a significant amount of testimony, was possible.

It was stated that Montero was also keen on separation and that he was open to official transfer offers from Europe, together with Beşiktaş.

Montero, who is currently playing in Colombia’s Deportes Tolima team, has played 17 games in total this season, saw 8 goals in his castle and closed his goal in 10 goals.

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