Sergen Yalçın was angry with Atiba! Here’s the reason for his reaction Last minute BJK sports news

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The 37-year-old experienced footballer succeeded in making 3 assists while airing the nets 3 times in 10 games he played since the beginning of the season.

It turned out that coach Sergen Yalçın was angry with Atiba, who won the throne of black and white fans with his footballing and personality.

According to the news in the calendar, it was learned that Sergen Yalçın was angry when Atiba went to watch the match of Beşiktaş Basketball Team.

It was determined that Yalçın reacted to the experienced football player by saying “You already have chronic asthma. What will happen if you get a virus”.

It is stated that Atiba, whose contract with Beşiktaş will expire at the end of the season, will be able to wear the black and white team for another year.

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