The name of Galatasaray’s target has emerged! Hungary’s star …

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Galatasaray, which broke off from the championship race after the break given to the league due to the pandemic last season, the goal is absolute championship this season.

At the end of the season, the yellow-reds are taking the championship rope and making plans to rejoin the Giants League and to relax economically.

On the other hand, Galatasaray increased their transfer in line with the request of coach Fatih Terim.

Those who want to strengthen their staff in January have already started work.


Galatasaray management, planning to add Kenan Karaman, who played in Apollon Limassol and also served in the Hungarian National Team, and Kenan Karaman, who made a strong impression with his performance in our National Team, does not want to be late in the transfer this time.

Galatasaray management, which had a quieter summer transfer period unlike its competitors and therefore faced with the reaction of both the community and the fans, aims to make a point shot in the intermediate transfer period in January.

The yellow-reds who want to strengthen their staff and have already started to work for this purpose, want to reinforce the defense and offensive line first.

The names of two footballers come to the fore for these regions, while the first of them is Attila Szalai, the stopper of the Hungarian National Team. The other is Kenan Karaman, one of the star players of our National Team.


For Attila Szalai, who has been following the Galatasaray scout team for a long time, it turned out that the club wanted to make a move between the halves without wasting time. The 22-year-old stopper who played in Apollon Limassol, one of the Greek Cypriot teams and was among the ace of the Hungarian National Team, passed the class with his performance.

The Hungarian football player, who is liked by the technical delegation and has a contract with his club until 2023, will take action in the intermediate transfer to add the most appropriate testimonial cost to his staff. (Liberty)

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