Mesut Özil, who was taken from the game in the Trabzonspor match, did not look at Erol Bulut when he came to the side

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In the most critical match of the week in Spor Toto Super League Fenerbahce, TrabzonsporHe beat 1-0 on the road and scored a critical win on the road to the championship. While Pelkas scored the odd number of yellow-dark blue people, Trabzonspor’s seven-game winning streak ended.


Star name of yellow-navy blue Mesut OzilHe was disappointing with his performance in the Trabzonspor match. Coach Erol Bulut removed the star name from the game in the 66th minute. Seeing his own number on the change sign, Mesut Ozil quietly came aside. The player, who was not satisfied with this situation, did not look at the face of coach Erol Bulut, while leaning his head forward and going towards the club.


Erol Bulut went to the player and gave morale. Instead of Mesut, Samatta was included in the game. Mesut Özil lost 22 passes and 13 turnovers in the Trabzonspor match, where he spent 66 minutes on the field. While the 5 middle of the star player was not hit, he shot only 1 shot. Mesut Özil also lost 2 bilateral battles in 66 minutes.

Mesut Özil, who was taken from the game in the Trabzonspor match, did not establish a dialogue with Erol Bulut while leaving the game

They were hugged at the end of the match

Mesut, who got angry when he left the game, supported his team when he went to the stands. Erol Bulut and Mesut Özil hugged each other after the victory and gave the message “There is no problem”.

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