Fenerbahçe’s former teacher, Daum, made a very talkative reference to Fatih Terim on Instagram

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German coach Christoph Daum, who recently started to take a place in the football agenda with his posts on social media, shared a photo he took while reading a newspaper with the headline news of Fatih Terim’s resignation. Daum, who was in competition with Fatih Terim in Galatasaray while he was working in Garden, continued to fight after many years.

Christoph Daum’un Fatih TerimHis feelings for him have not changed. First in Beşiktaş, then FenerbahceThe German coach, who left his mark on Turkish football with his successes, wanted to continue his fight with Fatih Terim, with whom he was competing for a while, after many years. GalatasarayDaum sat on the agenda of social media by sharing a photo of an old newspaper headline when Terim was talking about his departure due to the successive bad results of this season.

Fenerbahçe's former teacher, Daum, made a very talkative reference to Fatih Terim on Instagram


In the 2003-04 and 2004-05 seasons when Christoph Daum was coaching Fenerbahçe, the Yellow-Lacivertliler became the champions one after another, ahead of the arch-rival Galatasaray. At that time, there was an important rivalry between Daum and Terim, but both teachers were always level. Daum continued this bickering years later. The German teacher, without using any words of insult or criticism, used Terim’s ‘Resignation’ newsHe shared the photo taken while he was reading the newspaper bearing the headline. This has become the new agenda of football fans.

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