Abdülkadir Sadness of Life: Watch the video of an actress with no alternative in Abdullah Avcı

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Trabzonspor Coach Abdullah Avcı, at the press conference held after Konyaspor match, about Abdülkadir Ömür’s injury, “The young player is the most valuable player of our team and the country’s football. A player who has no alternative in our team. We experienced this. But he is young, strong and cute. As soon as possible. I believe he will be with us. Get well in the name of Turkish football and the community. ” used the expressions.

Trabzonspor defeated Konyaspor 3-1 in the 20th week of the Super League. Speaking at the press conference held after the match, Trabzonspor Coach Abdullah Avcı stated that they suddenly experience positive and negative emotions in football and said, “Today, the unfortunate injury we have with Ömür. The young player is the most valuable player of our team and the country’s football. A player who has no alternative in our team.” We have experienced this. But young, strong and cute. I believe you will be with us as soon as possible. Get well soon on behalf of Turkish football and the community. The game is developing. We are trying to improve the game by going from piece to whole. We are working with a group of players trying to do the best available today, after the first 15 minutes of the game, we must play to the end, no matter what the score is, how to have the ball, and the actions on the field, acting together, actions, pressures, right moments. This is a forward message for us and a true lesson we learned. it must be. Heavy traffic. We play one match in three days. We work visually and tactically. It passes completely with rest and recovery. I congratulate my players again and wish Konyaspor success. We develop step by step. We are not fully developed yet. Those present are trying to do their best. “I am pleased with the step-by-step progress now,” he said.

“We made Pereira a serious offer for career planning, she will answer.”

Speaking about Hosseini and Pereira’s situation, Avcı said, “Majid Hosseini had a problem in his groin after last night’s training. He had played well for two weeks and will continue. So, Hugo’s situation was good, we continued with him. Hosseini’s situation is completely. We had a half-hour meeting with him yesterday evening about Pereira. I do not speak on social media. He has served Trabzonspor for 4 years very important. I have great respect for his past. He also works well in training. Today he is the child of this land playing in his place. I would like to be spoken with Serkan’s support and his efforts. I offered Pereira the following: 6 months later the contract ends and it is missing from my plan. I have to think about today and the next Trabzonspor. I will transfer to this team. I don’t want to leave the player out of the squad. Let’s plan your career together. If you want to drink, you are loved here. Maybe you want to continue in your country. Maybe you want to continue serving Trabzonspor there, too. Take these options, put them in your pocket, talk to your family, make your decision accordingly, let’s move on in your career planning accordingly. He thanked me for this sincerity. Right now in the thinking phase. In the history of Trabzonspor, my elders, my brothers, Ali Kemal Denizciler, Güngör brothers, Şenol teachers, Ahmet Suat Özyacılar, the late Özkan Sumerler, the Hamiler who scored 200-300 goals, Ogünler, Abdullahlar. Separations exist for me and for someone else. This was entirely Pereira’s service here, a solemn and beautiful proposition for a forward career planning. He will give the answer, “he said.

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