Surprised by what he said to his wife in the live broadcast! Surprise apology from G.Saray’s former star at the end of the match

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A surprise statement came in the end-of-match interview of Yasin Öztekin, who once played for Galatasaray. The experienced footballer wearing Samsunspor jersey apologized to his wife for forgotten his birthday in an interview after they beat Tuzla 2-0.

4 years Galatasaray sweaty Yasin Oztekin He is currently playing in Samsunspor, one of the TFF 1st League teams. Öztekin made a surprise statement after the match they beat Tuzla 2-0.

He apologized to his wife

Speaking to A Spor at the end of the match interview, Yasin Öztekin apologized to his wife for forgotten his birthday on the live broadcast. Stating that it was his wife’s birthday yesterday, the experienced football player stated that he forgot his wife’s birthday for the first time in his life due to the stress and intensity of the match.

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