Rodolfo Cingolani, told Ortega that he knew was not successful in Turkey

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Ortega’s transfer to Fenerbahce in Turkey brings great sound was short-lived career. Rodolfo reporter from Argentine star names that closely Cingolani, who knew everyone in that period as Ortega himself, said he knew he could not do in Turkey.

Fenerbahçe, with a sensational move in 2002 River Plate‘the Ariel ortega‘he had added to his staff. Argentine star, Turkish Sport Although it was one of the most important transfers in its history, it fell below expectations and returned to Argentina. TyC Sports reporter Rodolfo Cingolani de Ortega TurkeyHe stated that his failure was something to be expected.

Rodolfo Cingolani, said that everyone knows that Ortega could not do in Turkey


His statement Cingolani, “Anyone who knows Ortega was good, had realized that he would not do in Turkey. Would be difficult in a city adapted to living as Istanbul. It was impossible to be successful. They sent him to Turkey. The rest of it was left to think,” he said.

In the 2002/03 season, Ortega managed to play only 14 games in the Super League with Fenerbahçe jersey, and managed to score 5 goals.

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