Mesut Özil stepped in to bring Oliver Giroud and Jerome Boateng to Fenerbahçe

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Struggling for the championship in the Super League, Fenerbahçe started transfer studies for the next season. The yellow-navy blue men employed Mesut Özil to dress Oliver Giroud and Jerome Boateng on the jersey. Meeting with world-famous stars on the phone, Özil drew a positive picture by answering the questions asked about Fenerbahçe one by one.

Making plans to play in the European arena next season Fenerbahcewants to strengthen its attack and defense with world-famous stars that have proven their quality. Yellow-dark blue team began working to recruit veteran striker Oliver Giroud and Jerome Boateng, who has been playing Bayern Munich for years.


Calendar newsFenerbahçe, who is determined to make a point-by-point transfer to the stopper position in the new season, is a friend of the German National Team for the world-famous star of Bayern Munich, Jerome Boateng. Mesut Ozil It also activated its trump card.


World-famous star Mesut Özil, who spoke on the phone with his negative teammate from the German National Team, answered Boateng’s questions about F. Garden one by one. Mesut, who gave a very clear message to Boateng, said, “There is no reason for you to look for adventure. Everyone is waiting for you in Garden Garden. We will become a much better team. You will be a part of this team.”


The Yellow-Blues will try to recruit Olivier Giroud, whose contract with Chelsea will expire at the end of the season. Fenerbahce will force all conditions in the transfer of the French star. Unable to find a chance to form in Chelsea, where his contract will expire in June, Olivier Giroud has aired rival nets 11 times in 26 official matches this season with the uniform of the British team. made his match on February 28th. It is stated that the 1.92 player, whom coach Tomas Tuchel did not consider in the squad of the next season, will look favorably on Fenerbahçe due to Mesut Özil, who played together in Arsenal for 5 seasons.

Mesut Özil stepped in to bring Oliver Giroud and Jerome Boateng to Fenerbahçe

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