Last minute: Confession from Rıza Çalımbay after Karabakh match: Even to the goalkeepers … News of Sivasspor

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Sivasspor coach Rıza Çalımbay made a statement to the press after the Karabakh victory in the UEFA Europa League.

Çalımbay’s speech at the end of the match was as follows;

“I am proud of my team. We could not tell believe anyone had made uniform even the keeper, we have so much missing, we could get into the game. From our perspective, it was a nice match. 3 ate pressure, but the best I’ve jumped after scoreline. In terms also need to earn points for Turkey. Group no longer us I am proud of my friends, they played very well despite the absence. We had Ali and Samassa put on the form. We had no midfield. nobody left when he got it. “

“We will play our hardest match with Villarreal, we will play that game separately. Our only fear is injury and that we will play a league match. We will play an important game 2 days after the league game, who will play in which? There may be more people, it is very difficult to take both matches. After that, we are already going to Trabzon, it is very difficult. The fact that this league is 21 teams is too heavy for this season. It has to end until May 15, they will squeeze as they squeeze. When they leave the group, it will get even more squeezed. We are having a difficult season, I hope we will end it with the best. “

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