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Despite missing one game, Sergen Yalçın collected 1 point more than his colleague. Kartal, who started the last season under the direction of Avcı, was able to collect 18 points in the first 11 weeks.

Black and whites got 5 wins in this period; He could not survive 3 defeats. Beşiktaş drew three times and the goal difference was only +1.

Black-and-whites who started the league with the victory of Trabzonspor and then got only 1 point in 3 times recovered quickly after passing the 5th week of the league. Sergen Yalçın’s students lost 5 wins in the last 6 league matches, and lost only once.

Sergen Yalçın surpassed his predecessor, Abdullah Avcı, despite playing one game missing in the first 11-week period. The successful coach collected 19 points in 10 matches; Hunter, on the other hand, scored 18 points in the first 11 games. Yalçın’lı Beşiktaş achieved a 20 to 14 advantage in the scored goal. Kartal’s goal average also increased from +1 to +3.

Sergen Yalçın held a meeting with the players before the training yesterday morning, both analyzed the last week and made various warnings.

Underlining that the Alanya match, which will be played on Sunday, is as valuable as the matches of Başakşehir and F. Garden, Sergen Yalçın said, “G.Saray, F. Garden and Alanya equalized the points. G.Saray does not have a match this week. With three points to be taken, we can finish the first half in front of G.Saray, “he said.

Also, Sergen Yalçın reminded that there are 30 more games ahead of them and said that everyone should pay attention to him.

Yalcin, “the league we finished yet 1 in 4 in the coming days Turkey Cup will start. Week 3 will enter the match going to do one semester. If we turn this difficult process, how much less loss of our chances of reaching the season-ending goal becomes so high. This is a long marathon “I will need all of you. Everyone can play at any time, so I want everyone to take good care of themselves, live professionally and always be ready,” he said. (Liberty)

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