Criticism from Ahmet Çakar to Fatih Terim after Galatasaray Kayserispor match

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After the closing match of the Super League 9th week, when Galatasaray stayed 1-1 against Kayserispor on the field, Fatih Terim, the coach of the yellow-red team, came before the press members and especially he was troubled by the inadequacy of the 5-minute extension.

Master commentator Ahmet Çakar made criticism about these statements made by Terim after Galatasray Kayserispor match in White Football.

Ahmet Çakar, who gave the example of Galatasaray’s match against Fenerbahçe in Kadıköy in the 2011-12 season, said:

“Galatasaray with the same Fatih Terim drew 0-0 against Fenerbahçe in Kadıköy in the 2011-12 season and became the champion. At least 15 minutes Galatasaray players lay on the ground. , I kissed on the forehead today.

You play 11 to 10 for the Kayserispor team, which is established as much as Radamel Falcao’s tip, you get ahead with an unfair penalty, you get a dirty goal and then you call the referee. This is a shame. “

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