Beşiktaş got injured in Sivas! Black and Whites agreed to 1 point, the followers in the race were hopeful

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Black and Whites risked their leadership by leaving Sivas away with a goalless draw in the week when Fenerbahçe’s closest follower Fenerbahçe passed BAY. Failing to increase the point difference, Black Eagle had difficulty in generating positions throughout the match and could not overcome Sivas’s solid defense. Following this result, the appetite of the followers Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray increased.


None of the 29 league matches between the sides ended without a goalless. In the remaining matches, while both teams remained silent on the way to score six times, no O-O result was found. With this match, there was no streak between the two teams that did not end 0-0.


In addition to Cenk Tosun and Ajdin Hasic, who were announced to close the season due to injuries in Beşiktaş, Oğuzhan Özyakup, who was injured in the MKE Ankaragücü match, could not play in the match. Vincent Aboubakar, who was also injured, was in the top 11.

Here are the Top 11s:

SİVASSPOR: Ali Şaşal, Ahmet, Caner, Samba, Uğur, Claudemir, Fayçal, Robin, Erdoğan, Max Gradel, Yatabare

Beşiktaş: Ersin, Rosier, Welinton, Vida, N’Sakala, Josef, Atiba, Dorukhan, Ghezzal, Larin, Aboubakar


The match ended without a goall

In the free kick that 95’Ljajic used on the right wing towards the penalty area, Ahmet Oğuz hit the head and sent the ball to a corner.

Mensah will serve in the last section instead of Larin in 94’Beşiktaş.

93’N’Koudou was thrown into the penalty area with dribbles and went down to zero. He made a hard middle on the back post. Nobody made a move on this ball.

91’S SCREW DON’T ALLOW! Erdogan was thrown into the penalty area from the left wing. He gave his pass from the ground towards the goal area. Vida threw the ball away from Ersin.

At the end of the 90’s match, at least 9 minutes of extension will be played.

84 ‘With Erdogan’s pass, Kayode wanted to sag behind the defense. Ersin left his castle and took the ball away.

84 ‘In Sivasspor, Arouna Kone entered the game instead of Gradel.

80’Fırat Aydınus talked to the players of both teams and it was decided to continue the game.

75 ‘The game has stopped due to the problem experienced in the stating lights.

In 70’s, Dorukhan was replaced by Gökhan Töre.

Gökhan Töre and Ljajic will enter the game shortly at 69’Beşiktaş.

Ljajic entered the game instead of 69’Ghezzal.

AT 57 DANGER! Meeting with the ball on the right wing in the fast-growing Sivasspor attack, Erdoğan got out of N’Sakala. He was put into the penalty area and hit hard from the narrow angle towards the far corner. The ball went parallel to the goal.

52’ROSIER MISSED! The ball went auta from the top of Rosier’s shot, who was thrown into the penalty area with Ghezzal’s pass.

Ali Şaşal controlled the ball that fell on the back post in the free kick that 50’Ghezzal used towards the penalty area.

The first half ended goalless.

45’GRADEL MISSED! In the middle from the right wing to the rear pole, Gradel hit the head at close range. The ball narrowly went sideways.

33 ‘With Erdogan’s pass, he wanted Yatabare to hang behind the defense. But the offside flag is in the air.

In these minutes, the game was stuck in the midfield. Both teams are experiencing mutual ball losses.

29’The game continues to be played at a low tempo.

14’Aboubakar wanted to make a verge with Larin and be put into the penalty area. But when Larin could not make a good pass, the ball goalkeeper was left with Ali Şaşal.

9’ERDOĞAN MISSED! Meeting with the ball on the left of the penalty area, Fajr touched the ball that Robin Yalçın turned inside. The ball on the right cross was left in front of Erdoğan. Erdogan’s hard shot went from the top to the top.

7’Gradel took the free kick towards the goal area, and Vida took the ball away.

3 With the pass of ‘Aboubakar, Larin wanted to sag behind the defense. But when Aboubakar could not adjust the intensity of the pass well, the ball was left by the goalkeeper Ali Şaşal.

The first whistle of the match and the match started.

Beşiktaş got injured in Sivas!  Black and Whites agreed to 1 point, the followers in the race were hopeful

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