2 footballers in Beşiktaş’s A National Team camp caught coronavirus

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Beşiktaş, the leader of the Super League, announced that 2 footballers in the A National team camp were caught in coronavirus. Beşiktaş footballers Dorukhan Toköz and Cenk Tosun were removed from the match squad before the A National Team’s match against Latvia.

2 footballers caught coronavirus in Beşiktaş. It was announced that the PCR tests performed on the football players in the A National Team camp were positive. In the National Team, Dorukhan Toköz and Cenk Tosun from Beşiktaş were removed from the squad.


“The Covid-19 PCR test was applied to our crescent-stars before the 2022 FIFA World Cup Group Elimination match, where our National Team will play with Latvia tomorrow (March 30), and as a result of the tests, we were informed that positive findings were found in our two football players in the national team camp. Covid-19 Since the PCR tests were positive, the treatment, follow-up and isolation processes of our football players who were removed from the A National Team camp staff were started in line with the relevant protocols. “

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