Aston Villa Liverpool match results: 1-4 Aston Villa Liverpool

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Liverpool faced Aston Villa on the road in the English Federation Cup FA Cup 3rd Round match. Liverpool won the match played at Villa Park 3-1 and made the tour.

The performance of Aston Villa, who played with the youth team due to injured and especially sick football players, was applauded.

Starting the game with Mane’s goal in the 4th minute, 17-year-old Barry responded to Liverpool and the first half ended 1-1. The name that unlocked Aston Villa, which resisted well in the second half, was Wijnaldum in the 60th minute. After this golden, Liverpool took over the superiority of the game and reduced the resistance of Aston Villa youth, and was thoroughly relieved with Mane’s second goal in the 63rd minute. With Salah’s goal in the 65th minute, the difference increased to 3. With no other goals in the remaining minutes, Liverpool won 4-1 from the field.

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