Last minute: Fenerbahçe – Karacabey match, Altay Bayındır got a red card! In the Gaziantep match, …

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Fenerbahce, Turkey Cup 5th round match at home Karacabey Belediyespor’u heavy, faced with an unexpected situation.

Altay Bayındır, the goalkeeper of the yellow navy, handled the ball outside the penalty area when the minutes showed 27. The referee of the match showed Altay a red card with this intervention.

While Ömer Faruk Beyaz, the red card isolation that Altay saw, left the game, Oytun took over the castle.

On the other hand, Altay Bayındır was suspended after seeing a red card. Young gloves, he saw the red card was found after 2 yellow cards penalty Agriculture, Turkey Cup match.

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