Last minute: Beşiktaş’s safe also laughed! After 3 wins … BJK sports news

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Beşiktaş won the last 3 games and put a total of 6 million 750 thousand TL as a winning bonus.

Thus, while providing hot money to the safe with successive victories, it relieved the management, which was in intense payments, to some extent.

President Ahmet Nur Çebi, who wants to reduce the debt burden as much as possible, works on additional income methods on the one hand, and on the other hand, motivates the team and thinks about the future money in the victories that will continue.

For this reason, President Cebi organizes morale visits to the team at every opportunity, especially big games.

The president, who wants the hot money to continue with the maximum wins to be taken until the half-time, on the other hand, calculates to get rid of the payload with the players to be sent.

The black and white people, who gave priority to Vida and Ljajic, aim to get rid of a figure close to 6 million euros (54 million TL) by disposing of this name.

Besiktas has to win at least 20 games in a season just to get the salaries of Vida and Ljajic.

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