Defeated Denizlispor 3-0 in Beşiktaş field and became partner again

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In the 27th week of the Super League Besiktas, Vodafone Park‘ta DenizlisporHe hosted. Black and whites closed the first half of the fight 3-0, while the goals came from Larin, Aboubakar and Ljajic. The match ended with Beşiktaş’s advantage 3-0, when there were no other goals in the second half of the fight, which was stagnant.


Black-and-whites went ahead 1-0 with Larin’s goal. In the 29th minute of the match, Larin recorded the goal that increased the difference to 2. The referee of the match, Cüneyt Çakır, after the warning from VAR, ruled that Larin, who met with the ball in the middle of the back post from the right wing, controlled the ball by hand and canceled the goal.

Defeated Denizlispor 3-0 in Beşiktaş field and became partner again


While Vincent Aboubakar sent the ball to the net in the 38th minute and increased the difference to 2, he also assisted Ljajic’s goal, which came 1 minute later.


Beşiktaş, which is 3 points behind Galatasaray, which is the leader of the match, became a partner in the summit by equating their points with yellow-reds.


Minutes 13: Meeting with the ball on the left wing, N’Koudou took a shot from a point that stood out from his opponent and saw the castle from the front. Goalkeeper Cenk controlled the ball.

16 minutes: Mesanovic, who caught the ball in Vida’s short pass, hit Welinton and hit the corner.

20 minutesSagal, who landed on the last line on the left wing, turned the middle towards the penalty spot. The shot Rodallega took to the arrival of the ball was auta from the top.

Minutes 22: Mustafa Yumlu swept the middle, which Rosier sent from the ground on the right wing. Larin, who was in front of the ball, sent the leather round to the net in the shot he shot in the cross position. 1-0

Minute 29: At the touch of the middle Larin, which N’Koudou sent from the right wing to the rear pole, the ball went to the nets. However, the referee Cüneyt Çakır, who listened to VAR, canceled the goal on the grounds that the position was played manually.

38 minutes: In the corner kick used by Beşiktaş, N’Sakala hit the ball that the goalkeeper Cenk punched from outside the penalty area. At the kick of Aboubakar, who found the ball in front of the penalty area in the carom, the ball met with the net. 2-0

Minute 39: In the ball that Beşiktaş won, Aboubakar took the ball from the left wing and took the stalactite and pass to Ljajic into the penalty area. At the kick of this football, the leather went to the round nets. 3-0

Minutes 44: In Mesanovic’s heel pass, Rodallega got out of his opponent and sent the ball to the net in the shot he shot. However, with the warning from VAR, the goal was not considered valid on the grounds that the position was offside.

Minute 47: Sagal’s hard shot from the left diagonal inside the penalty area hit the upper pole and returned to the playing field.

64 minutes: N’Koudou, who made a wall pass with Aboubakar, shot a hard shot over the penalty area, and it was auta from the top.

Minute 81: In the middle of Sagal’s left wing, Rodallega softened the ball first in his chest and hit it hard with his left foot. The round mesh came out from the top with a slight margin.

Minutes 82: Cenk, who left his castle while trying to transfer Oğuzhan’s passing pass to Aboubakar, drove the ball away with his head. Meeting with the ball on the left cross, Gökhan Töre went out of the leather round top in the overclock shot.

88 minutes: In the fast-growing Beşiktaş attack, Rosier went down to the last line and turned his middle from the ground to the inside. In Hasic’s shot on the arrival of the ball, Cenk Gönen crashed the leather round corner.

Minutes 90 + 3: In the shot of Hasic, who met the ball on the left cross on Larin’s pas, goalkeeper Cenk slapped the ball on the corner.

Defeated Denizlispor 3-0 in Beşiktaş field and became partner again

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