Clever Steel: now everyone is chasing Lille in Turkey – Last Minute France Ligue 1 news

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Zeki Çelik made a statement at the press conference held before the match against Brest in Ligue 1 on Sunday.

The 23-year-old player, who stated that he completely recovered from the effects of the injury, said, “I think I am physically returning to my old state, I feel good. I got tired and got used to the pace of the match, I want to play in all matches.” used the expressions.

Noting that they wanted to protect the leadership by winning against Brest, Zeki said, “We had an increasing performance last year, it was also reflected in this year. We have only two defeats in the league. It was a surprise for everyone to be in front of PSG. We are in a very good place now and we want to protect it. . ” made his comment.

Explaining that he felt comfortable in the city of Lille, the national football player said that the people showed love to him in the places he went.

Mustafa door and Ferhat Çoğalan’l with clever reminiscent out of 5 Turkish players in the number of in Lille, “now I can say that everyone Lille is following in Turkey. They pride we play in Europe, and we’re proud of here. What If our Turkish friends play in Europe, it is so proud for us. I hope more players will come to Europe and we will have the chance to play football. ” found the assessment.

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