China’s spacecraft Chang’e landed in 5 Months! Here are the details of Chang’e 5 …

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The Chinese National Space Administration announced that the Chang’e 5 unmanned spacecraft, sent to the Moon as part of China’s space program, successfully landed on the lunar surface.

The main task of Chang’e 5 is to excavate the surface of the Moon and bring a 2-kilogram specimen to Earth. If it accomplishes this task successfully, a significant improvement will be made in the Chinese space program.

China has spent billions of dollars on its military space program, hoping to have a crewed space station by 2022 and eventually send people to the Moon. It was stated that the space program aims to study moon rocks to help them learn about the Moon’s origin, formation, and volcanic activity on its surface.

The spacecraft, which will travel back to Earth, is planned to land in the autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, Siziwang Banner in China.

If Change’e-5 fulfills its intended mission, China will be the third country to bring samples from the Moon, after the Soviet Union and the United States, which were the first countries to ship spacecraft to the Moon in 1959.

Chang’e 5’s 4 modules were launched from the Long Walk 5-Y rocket from headquarters in Vincang on November 24. China, which lowered the Chang’e 4 robotic vehicle to the dark side of the Moon in 2019, was the first country to achieve this.

China's unmanned spacecraft Chang'e-5 landed on the Moon!  If successful ...


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