Çaykur Rizespor – Uşakspor match LIVE watch | Ziraat Turkey Cup

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Super League teams Caykur Rizespor Ziraat Turkey Cup comes face to face with Usakspor in the 4th round match.

Ziraat Turkey Cup 4 round fight in the field of Mislico 2. Caykur to accommodate Uşakspor League teams in Rizespor’un, club president Hasan Kartal, said both the league they have a large staff that can take both trophies.

Kartal stated that as a team, they gradually caught a rhythm and overcame their troubles in the first weeks.

Emphasizing that the technical team and the players have achieved harmony, Kartal stated that they have not lost in the league in the last 6 weeks, they will be in better places.

Hasan Kartal, noting that they want to rise to the top of the score table, “We are working to rise to the top instead of setting ourselves a goal in the league. We struggle to be in the best place. We will continue this until the end of the league. We want to do it step by step. Being in the top ten is not a goal. We should think about the European cups. ” he spoke.

Expressing their trust in coach Stjepan Tomas, Kartal said, “Our teacher is developing a lot. He speaks five languages. The harmony with his athletes is very good. found the assessment.

Eagles Club president, said the care of the Agriculture, Turkey Cup, was used the following phrases:

“When we look at our squad we have a squad that can take both leagues of both the Turkey Cup. Squad has no shortage. Roster width should play our friends can not be served due. We can get success in the Agriculture, Turkey Cup. ‘Give weight to the League Cup disregard my’ We do not like the idea. We want to go as we can go in the cup . “

Reminding that they will host Galatasaray in the league on the weekend, Hasan Kartal added that they can win if they continue their good fight in the last weeks.

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