Alex de Souza will return to Turkey? Mert Nobre explained! | Last minute Fenerbahce news

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Mert Nobre, who wore the jerseys of giant teams such as Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş in the Super League for a while and continued his career as a coach, spoke to Milliyet.

the event that an offer from Fenerbahce would accept gladly emphasizes Mert Nobre, “Fenerbahce is very advantageous. Volcanoes have Demirel, Emre we had. already a reference for once Emre Fenerbahce. both in Turkey and in Europe. President are doing incredible work. Semih teacher, Volkan Demirel, Selçuk Şahin. They are all from Fenerbahçe. Great advantage. If the offer comes, of course I will accept it. There is Erol teacher, but (laughing) Erol Hodja is very good. ” said.

Herald of ALEX DE SOUZA!

Close friend Alex de Souza back from announcing that he plans to come to Turkey Nobre, “We speak together with Alex de Souza. The course continues. In his goal had to come first in Turkey.” He spoke in the form.

young techies explaining the most admired strikers in Turkey, “Now we have Falcao but not old Falcao, of course. Old Falcao was incredible. I really like Cisse Fenerbahce. Good in Samatan but I like it very Cissé. And a new Malatya I really like Tetteh in ‘, that’s dangerous striker. ” He commented.


The “Hagi or Alex?” If the question Nobre, “Very difficult question. I say Alex Hagen in Turkey, but for all of Europe, I say something.” gave the answer.

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