The good news of Mesut Özil from Ada to Fenerbahçe! – Last minute Fenerbahce news

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The British press wrote that Mesut Özil, who received offers from the US, was more keen to stay in Europe and would evaluate the offers accordingly.

Mesut Özil, whose contract with Arsenal will expire at the end of the season, keeps his warmth on Fenerbahçe’s transfer agenda. A news came from the British press that would concern the yellow-dark blue people very closely.

According to the allegations, Mesut Özil will wait for the end of his contract and will not leave the team at the half-time, despite not wearing the Arsenal shirt this season.

The island press also wrote that the star football player received serious offers, especially from the USA, but he was more likely to continue his career in Europe.

It is stated that Mesut keeps the USA in the second place and will evaluate the offers according to his career planning with his manager.

Fenerbahçe, who is currently waiting quietly about this transfer, takes action near the end of the season.
taken for sure.

It is also among the information that Mesut’s first choice is to wear the yellow-navy blue jersey. (Calendar)

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