Watch Fenerbahce Sivas Belediyespor match SUMMARY

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Turquoise is the publisher of the Media and Sport on the move to live screens of Agriculture, Turkey Cup 4th round matches are played. While Fenerbahçe hosted Sivas Belediyespor in the 4th Round, they left the fight with a 4-0 win.

The goals of the match came from Thiam at 41 and 68, Pelkas at 63 and Kemal Ademi at 73.

Fenerbahçe became the next party with this score.


In the 41st minute, Mame Thiam hit the back pole in the middle of Ferdi from the right side and went to the round leather nets. 1-0

In the 55th minute, in the shot of Gustavo, who met with the ball outside the penalty area in Uğur Kaan’s pas, the leather went auta round from the top.

In the 59th minute, Pelkas, who met with the ball in front of the penalty bow in Mert Hakan’s pass, gave the goalkeeper Necati to the field of play.

In the 63rd minute, Ferdi, who went down to the last line from the right, turned from the ground. The ball went to the net with Pelkas’ elegant kick on the front pole. 2-0

In the 68th minute, Mame Thiam, who met with the ball outside the penalty area on the cross of Mert Hakan’s pass, went to the leather round nets in the place shot. 3-0

In the 73rd minute, Mert Hakan’s pass, near the penalty point, met with round leather nets at the kick of Adam, the owner of the ball. 4-0

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