Başakşehir Coach Okan Buruk cut the bill for Beşiktaş defeat!

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Başakşehir coach Okan Buruk cut the bill for the 3-2 defeat against Beşiktaş. Stating that his own choices affect the fate of the match, Okan Buruk said, “I attribute the defeat to myself first. The difference between the first half and the second half was due to my preferences. The changes between the halves were effective. We went to the rival castle more. We could catch 2-1. 2 standing ball maybe a simple goal for us. We send the players to the national team. Trouble playing, trouble not playing. Not playing, not practicing properly. Playing, getting tired. It is difficult after the national team. I am satisfied with the game and the request in the second half. We could turn the match, we could not translate. Sergen Hodja and Beşiktaş. I congratulate him for his efforts in the field, “he said.

Emphasizing that the football player against Beşiktaş is not enough for the Champions League level, Okan Buruk said, “The Champions League atmosphere is different. On the one hand, there will be fatigue. The atmosphere and the atmosphere are very different. Everything will be different. From the referee to the game played. It should also be underlined.” Both clubs from the referee and the players are unhappy. The appointment to be made to the most important game of the week should be planned more accurately. Ümit Öztürk, with which success he was appointed to this game. The referee warned me, and I told the 4th referee, I said, ‘Warn him, he will manage better’ The game here is not enough for the Champions League. We didn’t have a soul in the first half. We put this spirit with quality in the second half. Whoever we play with the game in the first half, it will not. We need to play with spirit, talent and quality to Manchester United. “They know us better now, they will take it more seriously.”

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