The minimum wage hike has been announced! 2021 Minimum wage has been announced – Breaking News news

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There was a last minute development regarding the minimum wage hike. The last meeting for the minimum wage hike anticipated by millions of workers in Turkey Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Emerald was held in Selcuk presidency. The parties, consisting of workers, employers and government representatives, shared their expectations about the minimum wage 2021 raise rate in previous meetings. With the meeting, how much will the minimum wage increase be on the internet? ‘How much was the minimum wage hike?’ research also came to the fore. As is known, the new minimum wage; The minimum living allowance (AGI) will bring an increase in many amounts such as unemployment benefits.

Family Republic of Turkey, according to the Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Emerald Selcuk’s statement, “the minimum wage will be effective from January 1, 2021, gross 3,577 lira 50 kurus, net 2,825 lira has been identified as 90 Cent.

Thus, compared to the previous year, the net minimum wage has increased by 500 TL and increased by 21.56%. “Expressions were used.

The severance pay ceiling increased from 7,117.17 liras to 8651.62 liras.

Unemployment pension varied according to the amount paid; The salary of the recipient of 1168.27 lira increased to 1420.14 lira, the salary of the 1389.37 lira to 1688.91 lira, and the salary of the recipient to 2336.53 lira to 2840.28 lira.

The minimum wage has been raised by 21.56 percent in incapacity allowance.

Birth and military borrowing increased from the lowest 31.39 lira per day to 38.15 lira, and the highest from 235.44 lira to 286.20 lira.

General health insurance premium increased from 88.29 lira to 107.32 lira.

Old-age pension rose from 711.5 lira to 864.89 lira, from 851.95 lira paid to disabled people to 1035.63 lira per month.

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