Flash words from Daci, the star of the Galatasaray match! Aykut Kocaman called and …

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The match was very difficult. Normally we played against Galatasaray. We got very tired and worn out, but it was worth it. We are very happy we got 3 points. First of all, I’m very happy to play.

I was dreaming about this. I wanted to stand out against big teams in big games. I am so happy. I am also happy to contribute to the team. Thank you very much to my teacher. It stood behind me for a long time this year. I had the chance to form in the last weeks. I am so happy.

Before the game, we were going to win. I was not going to score goals, but I felt we were going to win. I didn’t think I would score a goal, but it is a contribution to the team for me. I would be happy if I even touch the team a little bit. Struggle is important.

We get along very well with İsmail Hodja. He stood far behind me. There were times when I didn’t play well or couldn’t score, but it still played me. I played full lately. He cares a lot about young people. Thank you very much to him. He had a lot of players from the infrastructure.

Aykut Hodja is worth gold in my heart. I do not see him as a teacher. I see him as a father. I am very grateful and indebted to him because he got me on the first A team, he trusted me. He was always behind me. I will never forget him in my life. It has a very different place and no one can replace it. He was a father to me. Aykut Hodja and his team were like my family. I say hello to them very much.

‘Yesterday Night Called Me’

I do not know how to explain Aykut Hodja, words are not enough. We are constantly meeting. He called last night and congratulated me. He said he was very proud of me. He was very happy that I scored 2 goals. This is the biggest success for me. I am very happy that he called me. I will work harder and make him proud.

Fans, club everyone stood behind me. I thank all of them and want to contribute. My first goal is for Konyaspor to earn money from me. You know, the Super League Teams always have debt right now. I also want these debts to be closed thanks to me. Of course I want Europe, but if you have the chance, it will. I just want to work right now. It’s time to work more now.

I really like Lewandowski and Harry Kane. I liked Burak Yılmaz very much in the Super League. Sometimes I go offside, I guess I look like him, but Burak Yilmaz is a very big gunner, I admire him. I hope I want to catch him up to a point. (Nationality)

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