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Galatasaray Club President Mustafa Cengiz released a message for the new year.

Cengiz, in his message on the club’s website, “Dear Galatasaray, precious and valuable our community, all the people of Turkey. After that challenges in 2020. We want to believe that we leave our heart and left.” used the expressions.

“Every house, every family, every person, all clubs and Galatasaray went through very difficult exams and continues to pass.” Cengiz, who made the assessment, shared the following views:

“We will overcome this with our young population. Our nation, who has survived many troubles and fought many Independence Wars, will overcome this as well. Our community, which has experienced halal championships like the milk of its mother, will experience many championships in the coming years. All my wish, my wish and the board of directors As we work in this direction. Day and night, year and year, long live Galatasaray until the end. Fortunately you are here. Fortunately, we are from Galatasaray. I wish you all a good year. “

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