The Fenerbahçe truth about Galatasaraylı Emre Kılınç revealed years later! Meğer Emre Kilinc … – Gallery

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Kenan Karaman

Kenan Karaman had stated in an interview he gave before that he was hiring Fenerbahçe.

In his interview, Kenan said, “Do you watch Spor Toto Super League? What are the differences with the Bundesliga?” He gave the following answer to the question as;

“Yes, I’m watching, we watch all the matches of a family. I’m holding Fenerbahce. Bundesliga and Sports Betting in Super League if there are serious differences. Played football at a much higher tempo Bundesliga. The game is not only offensive, defensive orientation are also very well planned. Turkey In ‘, the teams are thinking of attacking more and there are problems in their defense plans. “

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