Last minute: Trabzonspor officially announced the transfer of Yunus Mallı! Here are the contract details

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Trabzonspor announced that it has added Yunus Mallı from German Bundesliga team Wolfsburg to its squad with a video posted on its social media account. “Welcome back, son,” Yunus Malli video titled, “my country, I proudly wore the shirt İNTURKEY. Now I wear the uniform of Trabzonsporumuz also a great honor.” used the expression.

Here is the post:


Trabzonspor also reported the cost of Yunus Mallı transfer to KAP.

Here is the explanation:

A 2.5 + 1 year agreement has been signed with Yunus Mallı, a professional football player in free status, with the option to be owned by our club. According to the agreement, the player;

Guaranteed fee of 4.465.000.-TL for the 2020/21 football season

Guaranteed fee of 8.930.000.-TL for the 2021/22 football season,

Guaranteed fee of 8.930.000.-TL for the 2022/23 football season,

If the option right is used by our club;

For the 2023/24 football season, the 13.395.000.-TL guarantee fee will be paid by applying a ratio of (CPI + PPI) / 2.

In addition, a total of 11,162,500.-TL signature fee will be paid to the player in 3 (three) installments.

If the player is transferred to another club while his contract with our club continues, 20% of the transfer income will be paid to the player.

As a manager service fee, 5% of the annual guarantee fee to be paid to the player will be paid, subject to the continuation of the contract with the player.

Announced to the public.


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