A visit to Özkan Sümer from Trabzonspor! – Last minute Trabzonspor news

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Özkan Sümer, the unforgettable legend of both Turkish football and the burgundy-blue club, died the day before. In Trabzonspor, the technical delegation and football players could not attend the funeral because they were away for the Hatayspor fight. On the way back, the group went to the grave of Özkan Sümer, who engraved his name in history. Uğurcan, one of the players with coach Abdullah Avcı. Çakır, Abdulkadir Finger, Hüseyin Türkmen, Serkan Asan, Safa Kınalı, Arda Akbulut, Kerem Baykuş, Faruk Can Genç, Ahmet Can Kaplan and Süleyman Cebeci visited Sümer’s grave yesterday. Hunter and footballers wished Sumer mercy by praying at his grave.

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