Message from Fenerbahçe Sportive Director Emre Belözoğlu to the fans! Good days are waiting for us

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Fenerbahçe Sportif Director Emre Belözoğlu attended the session “Together on the Road with AVIS” at the “Brand & Sport Summit 2020” organization, where the world of brands and the sports sector came together.

The event was held at the ESA Arena within 42 Maslak Shopping Mall in Istanbul.

Making a statement here, Belözoğlu stated that he spent 10 years of his 24-year professional football life in Europe and that he understood the importance of institutionalization more here.

Noting that his footballing life has just ended and he is very new in management, Belözoğlu said, “Institutionalization abroad is indispensable for this business. In Germany, there are approximately 60 thousand people who earn a salary indirectly from the 1st and 2nd leagues. We are talking about such a cake. no longer we had to evolve it. according to the club in Turkey abroad in this sense it was my solidarity with the more organized club. Mr. chairman Ali Koc leadership, our biggest goal is to place this structure and be a pioneer. ” used the expressions.

Referring to the importance of sponsorship, club and football player relationship, Belözoğlu continued as follows:

“Sine qua non of this relationship work. Highest paid club Barcelona with sponsorship agreements it has made in Turkey. Even our own sponsorship we do not catch this figure. There are differences between the two when I look at it as a footballer and manager. The two sides also important to act worthy of each other sponsorships. Sports industry, I think these collaborations should be based on commitment. “

Emre Belözoğlu stated that their association with AVIS is very important.

Emphasizing that they have a companionship beyond sponsorship, Belözoğlu said, “I care very much about our relationship with AVIS. I think we have a relationship with AVIS, as if tied with love. It is a partnership that has been made friendship. With the arrival of sportive success, it will positively affect other sponsorships. AVIS is not like our collaborator, but like a part of the family. ” found the assessment.

Emre Belözoğlu stated that they are making very long-term plans economically and said:

“Now, the people in our position have to make plans far more than planning 1-2-3 weeks later. The Banks Association is asking us for the budget of 2030 today. In this sense, I want to educate myself and develop myself. At this point, the situation of clubs in the sports economy is not pleasant. Sportive success is becoming inevitable and therefore it is a little slow to extract our own values. “

Emphasizing that the community has been longing for the championship for a long time and therefore their duties are not easy, Emre Belözoğlu said:

“Good days are waiting for us with patience, long and short-term plans. We have a team that works well. We are trying to bring these plans to the right places in terms of sports and financial terms. Good days will wait for Fenerbahçe. If we evaluate only on Fenerbahçe, we will be unfair to the Koç Group. Turkish. We would be shameful to football, to world football. I wish the support of all the groups were like this. Believe it is not easy. When I think about the position I came from, the clubs need this support very seriously. I do not need to say the devoted support of the president in this sense.

Emphasizing that he sees himself behind in social media and is trying to improve, Belözoğlu completed his words as follows:

“I am trying to get used to social media”
“In the digital age, my children are ahead of me. The process is progressing like this, we have to be involved in it. I am trying to improve myself and get used to it. This transition is not easy for me, but I accept the fact that we have to catch it. My expectation from 2021, hopefully towards the middle of 2021. We will close the season with a double cup. With the success of the field, sponsorships will also come. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone. One of those who deserve is our president. We will continue to do whatever we can. “

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