World Cup words from Şenol Güneş! In the case of Turkey the rest is details

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A National Football Team Coach Şenol Güneş published a message on the official website of the TFF about the picture that was formed after the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying draws.

Reminding that they will compete with the Netherlands, Norway, Montenegro, Latvia and Gibraltar, Güneş said, “We will collect all the information about the opponents, we will analyze. We want to leave a mark with our good players we call ‘our children’. We will play for the first place in the group. We care about all the teams we will play. We know that we have to work extraordinarily to participate in the Cup. We are a cute, passionate, hardworking team that fights to the end, no matter what opponent is, and we aim to promote our country well with our quality of players and our game. The way to go to the World Cup, which we have not been able to find a place since, is to beat all the rivals; we will strive for it. We want the end of this road to be bright. We trust both ourselves, our footballers and the millions whose hearts are beating with us. To Top It will be the result of an effort combined with the determination and conviction of the whole nation. As Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said; ‘Victory is for those who say victory is mine. Success is for those who can start saying that I will succeed and say I have succeeded in the end. ‘ The rest said Turkey must be de minimis, “he said.

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