Warning from Rıdvan Dilmen to Erol Bulut: If you leave the ball to the opponent, you cannot become a champion

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Sports commentator Rıdvan DilmenEvaluated the Fenerbahçe-Aytemiz Alanyaspor match in the 100% Football program broadcast on NTV.

Dilmen said, “Sinan Gümüş’s goal was against Fenerbahçe. Fenerbahçe gave the game to his opponent. After 1-0, Alanyaspor took the offensive advantage. The importance of this match for Fenerbahçe was high. Fenerbahçe came out of three very critical matches. It was a tough match on television for the fans of Fenerbahce. Alanyaspor was resolved at 2-0, but the penalty gave them hope. Fenerbahçe was shocked, but the golden ate scored six passes. It was a psychological match for both teams, Fenerbahçe won, “he said.

Here are the explanations of Rıdvan Dilmen;

“Alanyaspor can win the matches by playing, but they may have difficulties against good defense. The important thing for Erol Hoca was 32 points and they succeeded. Sinan went on because he got yield from Gümüş. Sadık Çiftpınar retreated to the stop. Mert wanted to rest Hakan but had to take it. If you play this game against teams that got better results, you will lose. “


“There is no such thing as they gave the ball to the opponent, they wanted to play it. Don’t leave the ball to the opponent … Am I a maniac, why should I release it? There is no such tactic. This is a weapon. They say ‘Hey Caulker, take the ball, you play’? Erol Hodja, ‘ Gentlemen, give the ball to your opponent? ‘ He says? The most ridiculous word in the world. “

“Yellow is not the wrong decision in the penalty. Enner Valencia rushed to get the ball, Jose Marafona also rushed to take the ball, did not go to take a penalty. VAR is looking at whether the goalkeeper is on the line, but there is a violation in the penalty. The players entered early. The VAR did not interfere with this, but Atiba stepped on the line in Konya. Then the referee should not look at the line, but at the players. So the penalty should have been repeated. “


“Jose Sosa plays in Fenerbahçe, but this is not Sosa. In Fenerbahçe, Dimitris Pelkas is a problem solver, not everyone can score the goal he scored. Sosa is sad, Pelkas is enthusiastic. You need to win Sosa. Mert Hakan is won. Probably because he remained in reserve, Erol Hoca. he has spoken.

“Alanyaspor needs to analyze itself, and Fenerbahce should look at how I let this pass. After Fenerbahce’s goal, the strategies changed. Alanyaspor stayed in the midfield more. Fenerbahce did not want to put pressure uncontrollably.”


“We appreciate Alanyaspor, but it lost 5 away games in 17 weeks. Fenerbahce was able to win 4 of 8 games inside and is the second. Abdullah Avcı also sees them. The Super League is like the 1st League. There, he becomes the 8th league leader or something. 3-4 teams will break towards April. I think the Play-Off could be played for a year. “


“Erol Hoca says, ‘We left the ball to the opponent’, but then he says ‘1-0 has a psychological effect, the ball remains in the opponent.’ There is a contradiction here. Do not play like after 1-0, play like before 1-0. If not. champion you can’t be something. “

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