Vedat Muriqi said he wanted to stay in Lazio and refused G.Saray

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At the beginning of the season, Galatasaray, who checked the pulse for Vedat Muriqi, who transferred from Fenerbahçe to Lazio, received a rejection from the Kosovar striker. The 26-year-old player stated that he wanted to stay in Italy.

Galatasaray wants a point shot striker without making a mistake in the striker zone during the halftime. Among the claims Vedat Muriqi there are also.

Galatasaray works on both sides to convince Vedat Muriqi. On the one hand Terim’s Italythrough the manager Federico Pastorello, whom he knew well from, while also the administrative manager Hakan Balta Trying to convince the striker player over. However, no positive response has been received yet. Muriqi told Hakan Balta that he wanted to stay in Italy and did not think to give up so quickly.


Lazio doesn’t think much of quitting Vedat Muriqi either. Italian executives told Pastorello that they paid a serious testimonial fee for Vedat and that they would get a great reaction from the fans if they gave up in 6 months. They also mentioned that Muriqi’s departure would require them to get a striker of that caliber and value.

Muriqi fell short of expectations in Italy. The Kosovo footballer, who can only wear Lazio in 7 games, has not scored yet.


Vedat Muriqi said he wanted to stay in Lazio and refused G.Saray

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