There is a statement from Omar Elabdellaoui! I am grateful to the Turkish people

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In Galatasaray, Omar Elabdellaoui spoke about his latest situation. The star football player, who was under treatment due to his unfortunate injury on New Year’s Eve, thanked the Turkish people for their support.

Here are the explanations:

“My treatment is getting better every day. I am trying to stay positive in this difficult period. I believe that everything will be fine in the future. I am grateful for the support I received. I am grateful to all the Turkish people.”,

“I trust the medical support and the people around me who take care of me. I believe everything will get better in the future with their support.”

“I am grateful for the support I have received. I would like to thank our president, vice president, coach, coaches, teammates, club staff and all the fans. They came and visited me many times.”

“I am grateful for the support of all the Turkish people. I thank the Minister of Health, who calls and inquires about my situation every day.”

“Believe me, there are no words to describe how grateful and grateful I am. I only say thank you to everyone. I hope everything will be fine in the future.”

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