The wedding ring on Diletta Leotta’s finger, which was spoken to marry Can Yaman, drew attention

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The photo shared by the Italian sports announcer Diletta Leotta, who has been in love with Can Yaman for a while, created an event. The wedding ring on the finger of the presenter, who was talking to the actor, drew attention. The allegations that Yaman paid 228 thousand TL for a single stone ring took place in the Italian press.

Can Yaman’ın Italian Sport The detail in the photo shared by her girlfriend, Diletta Leotta, attracted attention. The wedding ring on his finger attracted attention in the frame that the presenter, who was beloved with the actor for about four months, published at home. The eye-catching wedding ring of Leotta, for whom Yaman made a marriage proposal, did not go unnoticed by his followers.


Leotta shared a new photo of him the day before. Leotta’s only stone from the couple, who was expected to sit at the wedding table in the near future, did not go unnoticed. The allegations that Yaman paid 28 thousand dollars (228 thousand TL) for a single stone ring took place in the Italian press.

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