The lion is shattered on the way to the championship! Galatasaray lost to Hatay 3-0 on the road

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Galatasaray, on the way to the championship on the road to Hatayspor with important shortcomings, was badly injured by defeating its opponent 3-0. Yellow-Kırmızılılar lost the second game in a row, leaving 11 points in the last 5 games. The first 11 that Terim, who was in the stands due to his punishment, drove to the field was much debated. Beşiktaş, missing a match in the league, will win against Kasımpaşa tomorrow, and if it wins, it will have a 6 point difference to its closest follower Galatasaray.

Galatasaray’s blood loss continues. Cim-Bom, who could not use the ace players in the defense due to the card penalty and the football players who went to the National Team due to the coronavirus, lost 3-0 on the road to Hatayspor, one of the flash teams of the league. Terim, who drove Gedson Fernandes to the stopper in his first 11 choices, paid the bill heavily. Hatay made the difference 2 in the first half hour and entered many positions. Yellow-Kırmızılılar almost never entered the penalty area in the first half, could not shoot accurately. The students of Terim, who left 11 points in the last 5 games, lost their second game in a row. If Beşiktaş wins the Kasımpaşa game tomorrow, the league’s leader will increase the point difference to 6.


After the Çaykur Rizespor match in the 31st week of the league, coach Fatih Terim and Ümit Davala, the Professional Football Disciplinary Board, gave penalties for 2 matches each, followed the match from the tribune. Instead of Terim, assistant coach Levent Şahin took charge in the bench.


Hatayspor, after the VAR warning in the 79th minute, 10 people remained. Abdulkadir Bitigen went to examine the position with the warning of the VAR system for a potential penalty position in Henry Onyekuru’s position. After watching Bitigen position, he decided that the foul was committed outside the penalty area, and Strahil Popov was directly out of the game with a red card because he was the last man.



Minutes 5: The ball hitting the defense with a shot from Mostafa Mohamed, who took the pass from Feghouli, entered the penalty area and was cornered from the bottom of the post.

20 minutes: In Hatayspor attack developing from the left wing, Akintola controlled the ball centered by Mesut on the back pole. Mame Diouf touched the rust from his ground at the mouth of the castle: 1-0

Minute 28: Ruben Ribeiro scored a terrific! In a free kick from the right wing, a few meters ahead of the corner post, Traore sent the ball straight out of the penalty area. Ribeiro in that area sent a beautiful place from the slightly left diagonal to the far corner: 2-0

35 minutes: In the attack of Hatayspor developing from the right wing, the ball turned into the middle by Aabid bounced from Donk, at the arrival of Diouf, he slapped the ball over Muslera at the last minute.


50 minutes: Ribeiro, who took the pass from Traore, hit the defensive ball from the front line of the penalty area and hit the defensive corner.

Minute 58: Etebo centered the ball that Babel took back from the last line, and the ball hit the pole when Falcao’s head kick over the penalty point came out auta.

68 minutes: In the corner used by Galatasaray from the right wing, Munir was laid and the ball was celled in Falcao’s head kick. Subsequently, the ball turned into the center by Babel returned from the defense on the line.

Minutes 72: Diouf, who was sent from the right wing towards the middle in the suddenly developing Hatayspor raid, intervened before Etebo and took him in front of him. Then he knocked the goalkeeper Muslera and sent the ball to the net from the right cross: 3-0

The lion is shattered on the way to the championship!  Galatasaray lost to Hatay 3-0 on the road

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