TFF 1st League team has 12 positive players in Bandırmaspor

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While the tests of two football players who were caught in the corona virus in Bandırmaspor, who fought in the TFF 1st League, turned negative, the number of players who were positive in the tests performed today was 12.

While the preparations for the Menemen Belediyespor match, which will be played on the road this week in Bandırmaspor, one of the TFF 1st League teams, continued, as a result of the tests, the number of players caught in Covid-19 increased. While two of the footballers who caught the corona virus in Bordeaux-whites regained their health, the number of positive football players was 12, with one more positive in the new tests performed today. It was learned that the test results of 6 personnel in the burgundy-white community were positive.

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