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Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim said about the foreign restriction discussions after they beat Hatayspor 3-0, “If those who say that the foreign rule should change, we should understand. The player has no Turkish, no stranger. Our players who play like a lion in every country of Europe. After we made the rule, they went. If the player is good, there is no need to look at the birth certificate. If you look at the birth certificate, he will be racist. When I play Turkish actors too much, they are not spoken. Young people are important for me.

The writers of Sabah Newspaper stated the following about these words of the experienced technical man …


When Fatih Terim implemented 14 local and 14 foreign rules, his goal was to protect local players. You cannot get more than 14 strangers, and you cannot play more than 12 on the field. However, if you have more than 14 locals, you can put them all on the field. Considering that the borders between countries, especially in Europe, have been removed in today’s football world, there is no point in putting limits on the player in the world of football. Terim’s phrase ‘There are good players, no passports are looked at’ tells clubs to be careful and attentive in their choice of players.

You cannot choose a good player by looking at the passport. If Genghis Ündar, ages Söyünc, Burak Yilmaz, Yusuf Yazici, Mars DEMİRAL, Okay Yokuşlu names such as serving in the National Team in Turkey and abroad if they can not play a serious limitation for foreigners. Because domestic demand will increase more, this perhaps would continue to football players winning goals high shrink coins in Turkey. If local players took more roles in Galatasaray in the last two games, the image of this table is an effort of local players to get the jersey in competition. While Galatasaray became the UEFA champion, there were 4 foreigners. If you have good locals, you can move them anyway, but it is not right to put a limit on them. If you break the boundaries, you will increase the competition, you will have more good players.


All coaches want to give young footballers a chance and contribute to the club and their careers. But if you are running a target team, you need performances and the young player is risky especially in the stability part of the job. For this reason, big team trainers, including Fatih teacher, want to keep this risk to a minimum; this is also very normal. Winning young is not about throwing players on the field within 10 minutes after the score is 3-0.

Either you will entrust your castle like Sergen Yalçın to those coming from the infrastructure, or you will make this a club policy, analyze the two seasons and prepare the young person instead of the player who will leave accordingly. Terim is living its 4th season in G.Saray, and during this time, it was not a Turk that he brought forward except Ozan Kabak. That’s why I don’t think it has a policy.


Since the foreigner’s exit from 6 to 14 took place during the period when Fatih Terim was in the National Team, there is a perception that this work was done under his leadership. Therefore, it was criticized from time to time. the problem rather than the number of foreigners in Turkey, controlling the expenditure related to the club. You can free the number of strangers, but if you can start the accountability process and the money spent by the clubs, it won’t be a problem. Because then you bring the foreigner worth and doing business to the country.

Our trouble; Getting Europe’s oldest players three times their normal value. We become the last stop of the incoming player. Another issue is that close to 60 percent of the comers are playing. This causes both financial loss and unfair competition. It is not possible for anyone to oppose the foreign rule within the period of compliance with the financial criteria. Right competition under equal conditions brings right results.

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