Sergen Yalçın made his plan! Here is Beşiktaş’s probable Galatasaray match 11 -…

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Breaking news … The Super League wants an absolute victory against Galatasaray, which it will host in the Beşiktaş field in the 19th week of the Super League … While black and whites want to clinch their leadership with their win, they will turn a difficult corner without any loss within the scope of leaving the fight with 3 points. On the other hand, in the fight that 2 technical men will face for the 4th time, Fatih Terim has a 1-0 advantage over Sergen Yalçın. While Sergen Yalçın was making plans for victory before the match, he determined the possible 11 to a large extent. Here is Beşiktaş’s probable Galatasaray match 11 …

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