Sergen Yalçın gave a date for the championship race to be clarified: April may be the final month.

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Beşiktaş coach Sergen Yalçın spoke after their 3-0 win over Yukatel Denizlispor. Saying that the match came to 3-0 very early and then returned to idle, Yalçın said that there are 4 teams in the championship race and the final month of the league will be April.

Besiktas Coach Sergen Yalçın, Denizlisporafter the match they beat 3-0.

Evaluating the match, Yalçın said, “It is very important to win in such matches. Everyone is struggling. There are teams that play to the goal above, to fall below. Everyone has a goal. There is no possibility for the matches to be easy. Every match will be difficult. It was very early 3-0. The game turned to idle. Players started to behave arbitrarily. There was a lot of position at the end. It could be different. We took a break. After the break, the return is not easy. With the 3-week break in the first half, this break is not the same. This time we rested. We started the league again. We will concentrate again. Tuesday. There is a tough Malatya displacement on the day. There is Gaziantep on the weekend. We will struggle and try to win. ” said.


Expressing his opinions about the championship, Sergen Yalçın said, “We continue to fight. We are on target in the league and the cup. March has arrived. We have been working since August. We have been working for 6-7 months. Being a competitor, being the target team was something we wanted at the beginning of the season. We were able to bring it up to this position.” We will look further now. It’s a difficult league. There are too many matches. It’s not easy for the players. I hope we can overcome it. It’s early yet. If we can get through these places. engagement The bear could be the final month for the league. There are 4 big communities that are in the target. I think everyone has a chance. We have 2-2.5 months ahead of us. We’ll see what happens … “he said.

Asked about the condition of Vida’s injury, the young teacher said, “I don’t think Vida has anything very important, but I haven’t talked to the doctors yet.” gave the answer.

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