Rıdvan Dilmen’s claim to create an event: Referees will determine the champion

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Rıdvan Dilmen, Galatasarayin his house KasimpasaHe evaluated the struggle that he defeated 2-1 with the penalty goal scored by Mustafa Muhammed in the 89th minute.

MHK President Serdar Tatlı‘Said the mission had failed to fulfill its a good way slitting the champion in Turkey has claimed the referee would determine the arbitrators.

Here are Dilmen’s explanations;

“Galatasaray played with fill and empty the last part of the game. Ertuğrul was successful in the first half, kept it in the game. In the second half, the field became even heavier. Akan was difficult to enter the goal position.


The second half was a blind fight for Galatasaray. Galatasaray had good positions in the first half, and a good win came. Galatasaray’s penalty won, the goalkeeper entered uncontrolled. Onyekuru had planned this before poking it too.


I do not want to discuss the penalty not awarded in favor of Kasımpaşa, the position is penalty. Economically, we are currently number 1 in transfers in Europe. We have transferred as much as the whole of Europe. The matches have been determined by the referees for 1.5-2 months. No matter what match. Serdar Tatlı is also my friend. The beginning of the season was saying Rıdvan Dilmen season, now Mustafa Cengiz says I said okay too.


This is no coincidence, it is placed in the top 4 at a time as 4 big laps. I decided not to speak with the referee until the end of the season. There is no one arbitration institution in Turkey, Serdar is the beginning of an enterprise’s non-sweet. Unfortunately, I am aware that we are doing unfairness to those in the past. I saw that Serdar Tatlı couldn’t do it either.


All the referees come out with other feelings. If this match had ended 1-1, Fatih teacher would have said ‘Will it take 4 minutes with that much change’. If it was 1-1, he would have extended it 8 minutes, since it was 2-1, he extended it 4 minutes. I am not just saying this for Galatasaray, everyone understands very well what I mean. If I were Serdar Tatlı, I would say I couldn’t do it at the end of the season. You came with the intention of new faces, new referees, but it is not happening with you for 1.5-2 months. Whatever he does, he can’t do it, the friend painfully


The loser today was also right. Kasımpaşa fought. Taylan, Belhanda, Donk sat down, then they entered the game. The coach did what he could do. Kasımpaşa also fought under these conditions, although he made a mistake, Ertuğrul played the best matches of his career, we have to congratulate.


The only thing I’m going to congratulate in Turkey, referees and VAR operation. These are funny. Let go of the fairi, they’re totally out of whack. In the absence of technology, the referees were talking a lot, but there is no longer any trace, they say what would happen if I left a trace. Allah give patience to football in Turkey.


After the Fenerbahçe – Başakşehir match, I was insulted by the Fenerbahçe fans, sometimes by Beşiktaş and Galatasaray fans. You feel sorry but life goes on, I am responsible for telling the truth. I never and never congratulate those who played on the field and those in Fırat Aydınus and Riva, the star of the Başakşehir – Fenerbahçe match last week. I hope God will give us the opportunity to remove the referees in the field right now. I do not allocate 1-2 referees, what I said mashallah lives for 2 days.


They found the job easy, they said that if the big teams go well, nothing will happen to us. It is not for Fırat, it is not for the referee, nor for those who make a mistake in favor of Beşiktaş. We were saying that Serdar Tatlı would fix it, and he could not do it either. Regardless of who is the champion, I used to say normal for 34-week periods, I used to say that the champion is determined by the game, but the referees and committees will determine the season. Arbitration, discipline, federation, arbitrator, VAR, AVAR, hair, feather whatever … “

Rıdvan Dilmen's claim to create an event: Referees will determine the champion

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