Rachid Ghezzal takes flight in Beşiktaş and runs to the record

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Rachid Ghezzal, who had a great season with his black and white jersey, contributed to his team’s 15 goals with 2 goals and 13 assists. If the Algerian football player manages to exceed 20 goals and assists in the remaining 10 matches, he will have left his 20-goal career season in Lyonda behind in 2015-16.

Loan for one year from English Premier League team Leicester City at the beginning of the season Rachid GhezzalIn a short time, he added great power to Kara Kartal on his way to the championship with his harmony and contribution to his team. The 28-year-old football player, who played in 22 league matches and shook rival networks twice, produced 13 assists. Cezayirli, the league’s most successful goalkeeper, is also hitting a career record.


Ghezzal, who scored a classy goal in the Alanya match, came close to breaking his career record by contributing 15 goals before the remaining 10 matches. Ghezzal, who played 38 matches in the 2015-16 season with the Lyon uniform, performed 10 goals and 10 assists and broke a career record with his contribution to 20 points, is hoping to surpass this number in the remaining 10 matches in Kara Kartal.

Rachid Ghezzal takes flight in Beşiktaş and runs to the record

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