On the hard road to Antalya, Mostafa Mohamed took Galatasaray from the rope and the championship claim continued

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Yellow-Reds laughed with Mostafa Mohamed during the challenging Antalyaspor road trip. Galatasaray, who spent many positions in the match, managed to open the lock with the Egyptian in 76. Continuing his claim with this result in the championship race, Aslan continued to follow Beşiktaş and focused on the loss of his rivals in the last weeks.

The deficiencies get bored

Moving away from the summit with the loss of points in the last weeks Galatasaray By winning on the road, he started waiting for his opponents to lose points. Radamel Falcao, Henry Onyekuru and DeAndre Yedlin did not take part in this match. Mostafa Mohamed was taken to Antalya, took time in the second half and saved his team.


The yellow-red team, which got injured in the championship race with the bad results of the league in the last weeks, experienced 20 wins, 6 draws and 8 defeats in 34 competitions. Galatasaray entered the week with 66 points, 6 points behind the leader Beşiktaş and 3 points behind Fenerbahçe in the second place. Coach Ersun Yanal The Mediterranean representative, who had a comfortable season under his management, collected 42 points at the end of 35 competitions and took 12th place. The match between the two teams played in Istanbul in the first half of the season ended in a 0-0 draw.

Here are the top 11s:

Antalyaspor: Boffin, Naldo, Bahadır, Podolski, Kudriashov, Fredy, Serdar Gürler, Ufuk, Amilton, Mert, Bünyamin

Galatasaray: Muslera, Şener, Donk, Marcao, Ömer Bayram, Etebo, Gedson, Emre Kılınç, Kerem Aktürkoğlu, Emre Akbaba, Halil Dervişoğlu


MORE THAN ADDITIONAL RED! Fedor Kudryasyov, who made objections after the match was over, received two yellow cards in a row and then a red card.

76’GOL In the middle of Şener, who went down from the right wing to the last line, Mustafa Muhammed hit the ball and put his team forward: 0-1

DANGER! Moving from the left wing to the back of the defense, Arda Turan turned the ball into the goal area, but Mustafa Muhammed made a move, but the ball was once again left by the goalkeeper Boffin.

71 ‘Galatasaray, with attacks to the right and left, shots from inside and outside the penalty area, frequently examines the Antalyaspor castle, but there is no GOAL sound yet.

FUN TO THE 70’s! Halil Dervişoğlu, who took the ball across the left of the penalty area, hit the narrow angle while descending towards the last line, the ball went auta from the opposite pole.

69 ‘MASSIVE SHOT, BOFFIN AGAIN! In Galatasaray, Mustafa Muhammed hit hard from afar this time. Goalkeeper Boffin saves the ball delightfully.

IT TURNED FROM 67! Galatasaray is very close to the goal. Arda on the back pole in the middle of Kerem from the right wing turned the ball to the middle, the ball that passed Boffin in the close range of Mustafa Muhammed returned from the pole.

66 ‘Galatasaray has increased the pressure against the remaining 10 people. They destroyed the game completely around the opponent’s penalty area.

65 ‘Bünyamin, who was set aside with a trolley, stood up again and returned to the field, he will try himself for a while. Let us remind you that Antalyaspor has the right to stop the game once for 3 changes and changes.

In 63 ‘Galatasaray, Emre Kılınç left his place to Arda Turan.

63 ‘In Galatasaray, Emre Akbaba was replaced by Mustafa Muhammed.

Bünyamin is injured in 62’Antalyaspor. The game pauses again.

58’Lukas Podolski got his first yellow card after a foul against Şener. In a similar move, he saw the second yellow card and left his team with 10 people on the field.

57′ANTALYASPOR 10 PEOPLE! In Antalyaspor, Lukas Podolski was out of the game with a second yellow card after a foul against Şener Özbayraklı.

56’BOFFIN IS OUT! In the free kick used by Ömer Bayram, Boffin took the ball out towards the right corner with a delicious move.

48’Galatasaray started the second half with pressure.

47 ‘Ali Eren has an injury in the middle area. The game pauses.

45 ‘Second half started

DADEVRE! Teams go to the locker room with goalless equality.

BOFFIN THE 49! In Kerem’s deep pass, Emre Akbaba hit the ball hard from the left diagonal of the penalty area, the goalkeeper Boffin once again did not allow the goal.

THE 48’s INCREDIBLE POSITION! Kerem Aktürkoğlu entered with delightful movements from the left wing and took out his pass. Halil hit the ball bouncing from the defense from very close range in the mouth of the goal, goalkeeper Boffin prevented the absolute goal.

Bahadır Öztürk stayed on the ground this time in 45’Antalyaspor. Again, a sign of change is made aside. It is a very unfortunate evening for the host team.

Couldn’t RATING IT IN 42! Galatasaray won a free kick again, very close to the previous one. Halil Dervişoğlu rose in the middle of Ömer Bayram’s delight in the castle area, completely empty. He grazed the post in his head and went out.

Tried the 40 ‘castle! Ömer Bayram directly tried the goal in the free kick from the diagonal, and Boffin cornered the ball.

38’S HARD BUT NOT HIT! Kerem Aktürkoğlu landed on the left wing to the last line. The penalty hit the ball, which he released towards the broadcast, hard on the arrival of Etebo, but could not catch the castle. From top to aut …

36’While entering the last moments in the first half, the tempo started to increase again.

35’S ONE HEAD! Halil kicked the head in the corner kick used by Gedson from the left wing, and the ball went auta from the top.

34 MORE SHOPS! Galata who steals the ball again with pressure in the continuation of the corner kick

IT TURNED FROM 32! Emre Kılınç took an effective shot from the ground after the ball was lost by the defense of Antalyaspor. The ball, which Boffin touched with his fingertips, returned from the pole.

The game has been paused for about 2 minutes due to 27’Şener’s injury.

26’Şener Özbayraklı could not get up after Podolski’s intervention. Its treatment is carried out in the field.

In 25’Antalyaspor, Lukas Podolski received a yellow card after a foul against Şener and was suspended.

In this episode, the tempo started to drop a little.

20’CARAMBALL! Ömer Bayram, headed the ball, which Gedson turned from the right wing to the middle. Emre Kılınç hit the ball that the defense could not get away in the carom after Emre Akbaba’s head kick, but he could not catch the frame.

19 ‘A change is made to the side for Serdar Gürler, who has a problem with his back muscle. Orgill is preparing to enter the game. A very unlucky moment for Antalyaspor and Serdar Gürler …

LESS THAN 13! As soon as Halil Dervişoğlu took the castle outside the penalty area, he sent the placket, the ball went auta from the top with a small margin.

12’Antalyaspor has difficulty keeping the ball in the front area. Galatasaray immediately regains the ball with pressure.

At 11, Etebo once again sent a good ball behind the defense, Sener came forward, but the ball that passed him remained on goalkeeper Boffin.

5 ONE SHOOT! In Antalyaspor, which quickly got ahead from its own half, Fredy hit it from outside the penalty area and the ball went to Muslera’s lap.

1’Galatasaray started the match printed. The yellow-reds won a corner kick in the first minute, but they could not use it effectively.

BC The first whistle blew and the match started!

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