Ömer Faruk Beyaz and Ferdi Kadıoğlu’s commentary flash from Emre Bol! – Last minute Fenerbahce news

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I am incredibly confused about Ömer Faruk Beyaz. I’m talking to the coaches in the national team, they all say in unison, “This is Ömer Faruk plays in every team. He has almost nothing”.

But Ömer Faruk, whom I watched in the first half last night, is not the actor the teachers are talking about! I know that the Fenerbahçe administration and the technical delegation are trembling on him.

I said I heard that you had signed with Schalke-04 recently, there is no swearing left on social media. This is the main reason for still not extending the contract until this time. Despite all the goodwill of both Ali Koç and Emre Belözoğlu …

We will see together how his career will take shape in the future. I hope those who get into the early mood and disappear won’t join the caravan.

I liked Uğur Kaan who plays right back. It played almost flawlessly. We have been talking to different young names for years. But nobody should pass Uğur Kaan.

The star of the match was Ferdi, on whom the Fenerbahçe fans trembled, without a doubt … His most striking feature was his progress. We see this very clearly in every match he plays.

The joker who can play both behind the striker and on the wing is evolving into a football player, which is very important in today’s football. Coaches prefer players who can play in several regions when transferring.

Pay attention to Ferdi; even while dribbling, he does perimeter control. Since he plays with his head up, his passes always deliver to the address. He does not easily rust.

Pelkas’ introduction to the game completely changed the face of the team. He takes it, he gives it, he thinks quickly, plays the ball short but concisely. I congratulate the management who transferred such a player without anyone noticing.

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