Milan legend Maldini stepped in for Mandzukic on Beşiktaş’s agenda

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Italian giant Milan took action for Mario Mandzukic, whom Beşiktaş also wanted to add to its squad. Milan Football Director Paolo Maldini called the scorer on the phone and tried to persuade him to transfer.

Besiktas is also on the agenda Mario Mandzukic for Milan football Its director, Paolo Maldini, stepped in.

Corriere della Sera’da yer alan newsAccording to; Paolo Maldini called Mario Mandzukic to persuade him to transfer. It is stated that Maldi, who has been on the phone with Mandzukic for a while, has made great progress in convincing the player.

It was noted that Maldini conveyed that he would be very happy to see the 34-year-old player in their squad and that an agreement was reached on a net salary of 1.8 million euros.

It was underlined that Mario Mandzukic will make his final decision in the coming days, but he could not make a clear decision about his role in Milan and his role in the team.


Mario Mandzukic scored 44 goals in 162 games during his Italian days with Juventus.

Milan legend Maldini stepped in for Mandzukic on Beşiktaş's agenda

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