Mesut Özil’s manager Söğüt: Mesut wants to play in Fenerbahçe

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Fenerbahçe and its name are very popular in recent days Mesut Ozil‘s manager and lawyer, Dr. Erkut Willowmade important statements on the beIN Sport screens about the latest situation in the transfer.

Connected to the live broadcast from London, Dr. Erkut Söğüt talked about the transfer, “Mesut Özil said yesterday that he is a strong Fenerbahçe employee. TurkeyIf he comes to, he will play in Fenerbahçe. We are working eight stars, he said ‘I will play in Fenerbahçe one day’ This is a process. It is not true to say that it happened without signing the contracts. Let’s say if it is better, “he said.

Here is Dr. Erkut Söğüt and his words about Mesut Özil;

“Mesut Özil came from Germany and the quarantine process continues. That period will expire in a day or two”

“Since there is 6 months left until the contract expires, he can meet with the club he wants. Arsenal club also knows that. There are two options, we will go in January or we will go at the end of the year.”

“Although Mesut was out of the squad, he continued to train with the A team. Mesut’s deficiency is only the match. He continues to do everything outside. He has no problem in the form of the match. The match closes in a very short time.”


“Everyone already knows that Mesut is from Fenerbahce. He always says this. Mesut is not just a football player, he is a Fenerbahce”

“There is a team of 10 people working for Mesut. This team has a distribution of tasks. They only see us as transferring, getting commission, but not like that. Mesut provides aid in many places. I also agree with them. Last year I went to three different countries.”

“We created Mesut’s brand personality. We agreed with a designer from America for the brand ‘M10’. It took a year to make it happen. It will be useful in his career after football. Even though Mesut has not played, he still has nearly 100 million followers.


“Mesut Ozil, said yesterday that a dark Fenerbahce. If you already came to Turkey to play for Fenerbahce. Eight star’re trying, ‘I’m going to play one day at Fenerbahce,” he said. It was a process. Can say, not right over the expulsion sign contracts. Let’s say if it is better “

Mesut Özil's manager Söğüt: Mesut wants to play in Fenerbahçe

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