Mesut Ozil Friday from verse message: Islamophobia and anti-Islamism …

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Mesut Özil, a Turkish football player who played in Arsenal, one of the English Premier League teams, shared a Friday message on his social media account.

The star football player, who published an excerpt containing the 34th verse of Surat Fussilat, said: “Good and evil are not the same. You (evil) do not match with the best behavior; then you will see that the person who has enmity with you will definitely become a warm friend.” made a comment.

“Unfortunately, Islamophobia and anti-Islamism are growing in Europe and other parts of the world with the great role of the media,” Özil said, “My personal answer to this is: We must respond to Islamophobia and anti-Islam in a way that will not reinforce it, but disarm it and graciously silence it.”

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