Luyindama, who was a guest on GS TV, spoke assertively: I trust the team and we will be the champion.

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Galatasaray’s stopper Christian Luyindama was a guest on GS TV and talked about the championship and private life. Luyindama said, “Fatih teacher is like my father. Wherever I am, I will always respect him. I trust our team and I believe that we will be champions. I am good with everyone, Galatasaray’s strength comes from here,” he said.

Luyindama, the stopper of the Yellow-Red team, evaluated the championship race on the club television and gave details about his private life.

Here are Luyindama’s descriptions:


“Our games are similar and we both play aggressively. We mark man to man. We can find a good match on the field because we have the same features.


Our Fatih teacher is like my father. Wherever I am I will always respect him. So whether he is in Galatasaray or not, I will always respect him throughout my life.


I trust my teammates and I believe we will be champions. I am good friends with everybody. I have a good relationship with everyone, I love everyone. Galatasaray’s strength and strength come from here.


Before I became professional, I was playing in a team. The owner of that team was the family of my wife Ornella. Ornella’s father was the chairman of the team I played after, and one day he comes to watch me while looking for a player, and after watching, he says ‘come and play in our team’. So I went to that team and that’s how we met Ornella. “

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